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Everywhere You Look

When you visit our historic building and beautiful grounds, there will be lots to enjoy, no matter where you look! We've taken this opportunity to showcase some of the offerings and oddities you can expect to see.

We look forward to you stopping by soon!

brew station.jpg

Brew Station

What could be better than reading a book? Why, reading a book while drinking a hot cup of coffee, of course! The Etna Library’s Brew Station features coffee, tea, cider and hot chocolate k-cups… all in a ridiculous number of varieties.

Everything is free (and delicious)


Reading Garden

The Reading Garden at the Etna Library is the perfect place to relax with a great book. The garden features a collection of lilacs planted in memory of Nan and Allen King



Lloyd the Lovable Library Gargoyle is our unofficial mascot! Balanced above books; Perched above periodicals; Dangling above DVDs; Alighting above audio books... Look for Lloyd when you visit!


Board Game Closet

The library's Board Game Closet features games you can play at the library (such as chess, Chutes & Ladders, UNO, and Jenga), and a collection of jigsaw puzzles that you can take home.

Great Gatsby Lamp_edited_edited_edited.j

Great Gatsby Lamp

There are many interesting items you can spot around the library. We have a dragon clock, a bespectacled fox busy reading, and this lamp made out of a real copy of The Great Gatsby.


Story Walk

Stretching into the meadows of Hayes Farm Park and the King Bird Sanctuary is the library's Story Walk, featuring colorful pages from a rotating display of children's picture books.


Quote of the Month

Each month the library features a new quote near the circulation desk, from the profound to the downright silly. We also display a new 'Famous First Line' every month, which is an attention-catching first sentence from a well-known book.



The library's clock was made by the Waterbury Clock Company and is a 67 regulator, a model first made in 1912. The timepiece is wound weekly by the librarian, now as it was a century ago.

Ceiling (addition)_edited.jpg

Inspiring Ceilings

When you stop by, make sure you look up! Both the library's original 1905 building and our 2014 addition have amazing ceilings!


Spinning Wheel

The library even has an antique spinning wheel on display. Unfortunately, it is (as of yet) unable to spin straw into gold...

I Spy Supero City 2.jpg

I Spy Case

We have a rotating I Spy Case where you can attempt to find every hidden object listed on a checklist to win a prize!

Katarina Spencer.jpg

Librarians with... Cows?

Katarina Spencer served as Librarian from 1935-1953. This photograph of her standing next to a cow (still hanging above our Circulation Desk) speaks to the rich rural history of this area.



For children who visit the library and need a book-break, we have plenty of toys, including blocks, magnets, and dinosaurs.


History (you can sit at)

Many items in the library are the originals from when our building was built in 1905. Many of the shelves, the desk, and the table, have all been here for well over a hundred years.

NH Collection.jpg

New Hampshire Collection

Come browse our collection of books written about New Hampshire, including many unique books on local history.

Gentleman Fox & Puddle Duck_edited_edite

Beatrix Potter Characters

The Gentleman Fox and Jemima Puddle-Duck call the library their home. These story book characters brought to life were hand-crafted by Jameson W. Doig (1933-2019).

Seed Library 3_edited.jpg

Seed Library

Each growing season, the library's Seed Library returns, with dozens of varieties of seeds to take for free. Find out if your thumb is green... or some entirely different color altogether!

Volunteer Wall_edited_edited.jpg

Volunteer Wall of Fame

The library is fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers. Some of these amazing individuals are immortalized on our ever-expanding Volunteer Wall.


Comfy Chairs

When you stop in, stay for a while! We have a sofa and armchair that you'll feel right at home in!

Bear Painting.jpg


The artist of the Etna Library's beautiful painting of a bear and her cub is Ken Pelton, a resident in Etna since 1943. The frame was made by Morris Hayes with boards from Ken’s mother’s 1860’s barn. 


Friendly Librarians!

We're a small library with a small staff. What that means is that we're able to give everyone who walks through our doors personal attention. We strive to make our library as warm and welcoming as possible!

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