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Archived Programs (2024)

MAY 31
@ the Library

Illustration of donuts

National Donut Day

​National Donut Day is on June 2nd. Since that's on a Sunday, the Etna Library will be celebrating this delicious occasion the Friday before!


Lots of varieties of donuts, all spread out on our long table, will be available for the taking.

All free and all tasty... while supplies last!

MAY 22
6:30 PM
Trumbull Hall

License plate with the words 'Live Free or Die' on it

Live Free or Die:

The Contested History of the Words on Your License Plate

In 1969, when New Hampshire officials decided to put the state’s motto – “live free or die” – on its license plates, many citizens viewed the act as an endorsement of the deeply unpopular war being waged in Vietnam and protested by covering up or altering the motto.


In response, authorities cracked down hard: arresting, fining, and sometimes even incarcerating those who engaged in duct-tape dissent. People appealed their convictions, sparking a legal contest over the First Amendment that went all the way to the United States’ Supreme Court.


In this NH Humanities-supported multimedia presentation, historian and former newspaper reporter Dan Billin tells a uniquely New Hampshire tale illustrating the genius – and the fragility – of the First Amendment. 

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Build Your Own Bluebird Nesting Box

Saturday, May 4 @10AM (at the Library)

Enjoy this family event at Hayes Farm Park and the King Bird Sanctuary! We'll build bluebird nesting boxes, have snacks, and read books about birds! All ages welcome; no cost.

Photo of a bluebird on a branch

Following My Father's WWII Footsteps in Fila Sneakers

(with Bill Hammond)

Wednesday, April 24 @5:30PM (at Trumbull Hall)

Two of my brothers and I had long planned to follow the route that my father had taken during World War II. We intended to follow the path of the 142nd regiment, of which Dad was a part, but when we found a trove of his letters to his mother, written from Italy and Germany during the war, we knew we had the detail we needed to create a meaningful replication of his war-time journey. What was he thinking when he anticipated the battles? What was he thinking during them? When his own commander went down and Dad had to assume leadership—while feeling a bullet graze his neck—what did he do to help his troops fight and survive?


The trip, taken during October of 2023, was a way to honor my father, to recognize his and his fellow soldiers' sacrifice, and to reinforce a bond with my brothers. This talk will focus on the marvels of the excursion and the serendipity in finding things we didn't think possible.

Photo of a gate.

Aging Gracefully

Wednesday, April 17 @6:30PM (at the Library)


We're all getting older. As life expectancy continues to increase, it's clear we need to work toward a new image of aging - one that includes adaptive, productive, vital years full of love, laughter, and intimacy.


In this talk, we'll explore how the 'secrets' to aging gracefully exist within the routines of daily life, and how by understanding the biology of being human, we can implement best practices of being healthy, which is the key in determining whether we just add years to our life or we add life to those years.

The speaker, Jackson Penfield-Cyr, is the owner and clinician at Upper Valley Integration Therapy, located in Hanover, NH. He's one of the few licensed Structural Integrators in state of New Hampshire and is a specialist in manual and movement therapy.

Quote: "The Trick to Aging Gracefully is to Enjoy it!"

Solar Eclipse Preparation Party!

Sunday, April 7 @10am (at the Library)


Prepare for the total solar eclipse occurring on April 8th by joining us at the Etna Library on the 7th! We'll have lots of fun eclipse-themed activities including:

  • A solar clock craft

  • An eclipse-themed photo booth

  • Moon pie and solar sugar cookie snacks

  • Free eclipse viewing glasses to take home

  • Informational packets on the eclipse

  • And more!

The next total solar eclipse won't arrive until 2044, so let's make the most of this one!

image of the solar eclipse.

Explain Pain

Wednesday, March 27 @6:30pm (at the Library)

All pain is real - and, for many people, it is a debilitating part of everyday life. It is now known that understanding more about why things hurt can actually help people overcome their pain.

In this talk, we'll explore how recent advances in fields such as neurophysiology, brain imaging, immunology, psychology and cellular biology can help us transform the experience of pain from one of fear to one of empowerment.

The speaker, Jackson Penfield-Cyr, is the owner and clinician at Upper Valley Integration Therapy, located in Hanover, NH. He's one of the few licensed Structural Integrators in state of New Hampshire and is a specialist in manual and movement therapy.

Explain Pain illustration

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Yogi, Bugs, Bullwinkle &

Big Business in the 1960s

Monday, March 11 @6:30pm (at Trumbull Hall)

Many kids in the second half of the 20th century shared a common Saturday morning ritual: watching Yogi Bear, Bugs Bunny, and Rocky & Bullwinkle while eating a bowl of Captain Crunch.


This practice, however, was a relatively recent development, brought about by the advent of television. Before the1960s, cartoons were shown in theaters before feature films for adults. As more American families acquired TVs, animation studios retooled their storehouses to respond to the demand for new shows and Madison Avenue advertising executives shifted their focus to a lucrative new demographic: children.


Soon after-school and Saturday-morning timeslots were flooded with cartoons--and advertisements for sugary cereals and plastic toys. In this program, we will watch some clips from classic cartoons that will be sure to spark some nostalgia while taking a peek behind the TV screen, to learn how the classic Saturday morning was created.

This Etna Library event is sponsored by NH Humanities and presented by Margo Burns - a life-long fan of cartoons who studied animation in the Rhode Island School of Design's Continuing Education Program. Burns is a seventh-generation New Hampshire native, with two master's degrees from the University of New Hampshire.

Yogi, Bugs, and Bullwinkle cartoon characters
Margo Burns photo
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The Mill Band

Friday, February 16 @6:30pm (at Trumbull Hall)


Join us for some live music as the Mill Band perform old country, gospel, and blue grass. Come out and have some fun with your neighbors!

This event is at Trumbull Hall, 195 Etna Road.

Mill Band Logo

Valentine Card Take-Home Craft Kits

Available now!

Stop by the Etna Library and pick up a take-home craft that includes everything you need to make your very own Valentine Cards!

Visit the library and start spreading the love!

Photo of the Valentines craft cards lined up on the library desk.

Bi-Lingual Story Walk & Craft

Sunday, February 4 @10:30-11:30am (at the library)

Let's explore a Spanish-English story walk at the newly protected King Bird Sanctuary! We'll hike up the story walk, reading a wintery tale. After the outdoor adventure, there will be a pinecone birdfeeder craft and warm drinks at the Etna Library.

This event is co-sponsored by the Hanover Conservancy and the Etna Library.

Two birds on a hanging pinecone feeder.

Virtual Trivia Night

Tuesday, January 23 @6:30pm (via Zoom)


The Etna Library and the Plainfield Public Libraries are teaming-up to bring you a fun night of virtual trivia!

Join us via Zoom and test your knowledge of all things (some of those things useful, others maybe not so much)!

Illustration of two people - one with question marks over their heads and the other with light bulbs depicted.

The Mammoth Road: NH Folk Tales as an Avenue to Local History and Culture

Wednesday, January 3 @6:30pm (at Trumbull Hall)


The Etna Library presents this NH Humanities-funded event with author and historian Erin E. Moulton.

Folk tales are passed from one generation to another, embellished by time and teller: Ethan Crawford was as tall as Mount Washington. He could carry at least 7 men on his back! 

Yet, when we look at folk tales, the people who compiled them, and the location from which they spring, we can access history in a new and entertaining way. Join us to hear and explore folk tales collected by the New Hampshire Women’s Federation (1932) and dig into local resources in search of truths. Was it tall tale or town history? Let's find out.

Erin E. Moulton writes books and tracks dead people. As a researcher, slipping into old records and exploring past lives is something she has done for herself and for others for over 14 years. Erin is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, The New Hampshire Historical Society, The New Hampshire Society of Genealogists and she serves on the landmark committee for the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire. She has written several books, mostly for children.

This Etna Library event is supported by NH Humanities and The Etna Ladies Aid Society.

An illustration of people entering a dark forest, evocative of fairy and folk tales.
Photo of Erin E. Moulton.
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