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The Etna Library

The original Hanover Town Library. Located in Etna, NH.

Photo of front of library building

Where yesterday mingles with today, beneath one roof.

Call us the Hanover Town Library because our Classical Revival building was the public first library for the entire town of Hanover. Or, call us the Etna Library, because of our location and our status as a cornerstone of the Etna community.

No matter which name you choose, we've been connecting people with ideas, entertainment, and one another since 1898, and will continue to for years to come!

Program Highlights

From children's story times to visits from best-selling authors, the Etna Library has unique programming for all ages and interests.

Wednesday, May 22 @6:30pm (at Trumbull Hall)

Live_Free_or_Die_the_tyrannical_history_of_the_words_on_your_license_plate_Dan_Billin (1).

Live Free or Die: A History

In 1969, when New Hampshire officials decided to put the state’s motto – “live free or die” – on its license plates, many citizens viewed the act as an endorsement of the deeply unpopular war being waged in Vietnam and protested by covering up or altering the motto.


In response, authorities cracked down hard. In this NH Humanities-supported multimedia presentation, historian and former newspaper reporter Dan Billin tells a uniquely New Hampshire tale.

Friday, May 31 (9am-5pm)

National Donut Day Program

National Donut Day

National Donut Day is on June 2nd. Since that's on a Sunday, the Etna Library will be celebrating this delicious occasion the Friday before!


Lots of varieties of donuts, all spread out on our long table, will be available for the taking.

All free and all tasty... while supplies last! Please stop by!

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Every 1st Wednesday of
each month @12pm

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Cookbook Club

Every first Wednesday of each month, the Cookbook Club meets at a potluck where we try different recipes from a selected cookbook.

For May, the club is crafting recipes from Lidia's Commonsense Italian Cooking.


Email us at to borrow a copy of this month's book and for more information.​

Events this week at the Etna Library: LEGO Builder's Club, After School Craft, Live Free or Die, Book Club, Story Times

Explore the Library

Cookbook Club

The Cookbook Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at noon. 

Email us at for more information!

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New Arrivals

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An open story book with the pages coming to life


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