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The Etna Library

The original Hanover Town Library. Located in Etna, NH.

Where yesterday mingles with today, beneath one roof.

Call us the Hanover Town Library because our Classical Revival building was the public first library for the entire town of Hanover. Or, call us the Etna Library, because of our location and our status as a cornerstone of the Etna community.

No matter which name you choose, we've been connecting people with ideas, entertainment, and one another since 1905, and will continue to for years to come!

Programs & Events

From children's story times to visits from best-selling authors, the Etna Library has unique programming for all ages and interests.

Monday, March 11 @6:30pm (at Trumbull Hall)

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Yogi, Bugs, Bullwinkle & Big Business in the 1960s

Yogi, Bugs, and Bullwinkle.jpeg

An exploration of the period of the 1960s when Saturday-morning TV timeslots were flooded with cartoons--and advertisements for sugary cereals and plastic toys.


In this program, we'll watch clips from classic cartoons that will be sure to spark some nostalgia while taking a peek behind the TV screen, to learn how the classic Saturday morning was created.

Wednesday, March 27 @6:30pm (at the Library)

Explain Pain

Explain Pain 5_edited.jpg

All pain is real - and, for many people, it is a debilitating part of everyday life. It is now known that understanding more about why things hurt can actually help people overcome their pain.

In this talk, we'll explore how recent advances in fields such as neurophysiology, brain imaging, immunology, psychology and cellular biology can help us transform the experience of pain from one of fear to one of empowerment.

Wednesday, February 21 @4pm

Universal Yums


Every third Wednesday of each month, we'll open a new Universal Yums subscription box.


Learn about a different country by sampling and rating some delicious snacks!

[For independent youth (tweens/teens), ages 10 and up]

Explore the Library

nintendo-switch-3953601_1280 (1).jpg

Video Games

The Etna Library is home to dozens of Nintendo Switch video games.

See the full list here.

Borrow one today and start gaming!

New Arrivals

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