The Etna Library is very fortunate to have Hayes Farm Park and the Nan & Allen King Bird Sanctuary right in its backyard. Stretching into these idyllic meadows is the Etna Library Story Walk, which features pages from the picture book Seeds of Change, by Jen Cullerton Johnson.

Traverse the winding, grassy path, reading the true story of Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai along the journey, and you'll get swept away into both nature and history.

The Etna Library Story Walk, and access to the King Bird Sanctuary, starts at the end of the library parking lot.

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In celebration of its rural identity and its backdrop of natural beauty, the Etna Library has established a special collection of Conservation materials. This ever-expanding collection features books on birds, trees, plants, and wildflowers. You can also check out adult and children's binoculars from the collection.