Hanover Town Library
Long Range Plan
Feb. 22, 2018

Mission Statement:

The Hanover Town Library will maintain an active presence in the community, providing services in a personal manner and preserving its historic building for future generations.


1. The Hanover Town Library will provide access to resources that promote learning for community members of all ages with access to diverse collections, including bound volumes and electronic media.

  • Create a welcoming space in the library addition that promotes new circulating materials.

  • Promote patron use of on-line services through education and instructional materials.

  • Analyze the use of the collection by subject area.


2. The Hanover Town Library will offer programming for adults, teens and children on topics of interest to the community.


  • Coordinate with local conservation groups to develop library programs.

  • Determine new ways to promote children’s programs.

  • Continue to offer a wide variety of craft programs for people of all ages.


3. The Hanover Town Library will provide community members with a convenient and comfortable space for reading, research and holding meetings.


  • Keep technology current, providing faxing, printing, scanning, and wireless Internet services.


4. The Hanover Town Library will include an outdoor space to be used for reading and programs.

  • Organize programs in Hayes Farm Park and King Bird Sanctuary, including story walks and nature hikes.

  • Evaluate the use of the outdoor reading area.


5. The Hanover Town Library will foster an awareness of its history in the village of Etna and will promote the preservation of its 1905 building.


  • Produce a brochure on the history of the Hanover Town Library.

  • Create and maintain an outdoor display case. Develop exhibits of historic items, photographs and crafts that highlight the area and its people.

  • Coordinate with Howe Library to develop an online collection of historic photos, documents and maps.