The Hanover Town Library (in Etna) has been named to the National Register of Historic Places. Founded in 1898, the library building was built in 1905 as the official town library for the Town of Hanover, hence its formal name; however, because of its location and the fact that it has traditionally served the Etna and Hanover Center communities, it has been nicknamed the "Etna Library."


The Etna Library provides Storytimes, Reading Programs, and other special programming for both children and adults. The library has about 8,000 items in its collection and it is open 32 hours a week.


  • The "Libraries of Hanover" card may be used at both the Etna Library and the Howe Library.

  • KnowHowe, the online catalog, includes collections and information from both libraries.

  • Materials from the Howe Library can be sent over to the Etna Library for pickup (and vice versa). The Etna Library maintains couriers every weekday.

  • Likewise, materials borrowed from the Etna Library can be returned to the Howe Library, and vice versa.


Note: While the Etna Library and the Howe Library collaborate when possible for the benefit of all Hanover residents, the two are separate libraries with unique staff/management, trustees, budgets, and missions.



The Hanover Town Library in Etna provides library materials and services to community members of all ages and backgrounds, with the aim of inspiring and supporting lifelong learning, literacy, creativity, recreational passions, and cultural expression, all within the welcoming walls of our historic building, and beyond.